General Medicare

What Doesn’t Medicare Cover?

Medicare does not cover all the medical supplies or care that you may need. This is an important aspect of Medicare to understand when needing to undergo a potentially expensiveMedicare Part B Coverage Chart medical procedures. Medicare Parts A and B do not cover most dental care, eye examinations related to prescribing glasses, dentures, hearing aids and the exams for fitting them, certain routine types of foot care, and more.

These services and procedures can cost a lot of money, particularly without the help of Medicare to pay for them. Additionally, even if Medicare covers a procedure, service, or item, you still will have to pay a deductible, coinsurance, and copayments.  Medicare Part B Covers 80% of Medicare approved medical services and equipment.

Medicare does not cover 24 hour a day care at home, meals delivered to your home, homemaker services and personal care.